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  • How Restaurants Can Support Employees During COVID-19
    By Adrian Johansen, Contributor The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down. In an instant, we lost our normal ways of life in exchange for lockdowns and safety guidelines. This unfortunate series of events was especially bad for the restaurant industry as it could no longer allow for large groups of paying […]
  • How COVID-19 Should Affect Your Online Marketing Efforts
    By Adrian Johansen, Contributor At the beginning of 2020, none of us could have imagined how the year would unfold and how COVID-19 would affect our lives. As a restaurant owner, simply surviving the year took incredible creativity. As we now move forward into 2021, it’s more obvious than ever that digital marketing is essential […]
  • How Restaurants Can Protect Themselves During COVID-19
    The following isn’t legal advice but general thoughts and guidelines to consider. Always consult with a professional attorney for any legal actions and law interpretations. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and that’s particularly true with the restaurant industry. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, 100,000 restaurants either closed permanently or […]

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